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The Mother Tradition and the Eonian Tradition

If it is true that from the earliest times remarkable beings have appeared to show men the path of ascension, then Egypt was undoubtedly the inspiring source for many of them, and the Mother of all the intitiatic mysteries.


All of the initiatic work of our Order is transmitted within a very specific framework, according to the will of the founders, who themselves were Masters, and in no case can it be distributed on the internet. Therefore, this blog is not intended to provide you with the teachings of the Order, as these are reserved for the adherent members of the Order of the Lily and the Eagle.

The articles which follow are personal works carried out by the disciples of the Order relating to our initiatic tradition. Their seniority varies. Each of the articles shows the date written. The goal is to give you a personal reflection and help you glimpse the direction in which our work is being done.

The Mother Tradition and the Eonian Tradition

If from early times, remarkable beings have appeared to show men the path of ascension, then Egypt was undoubtedly the inspiring source and the Mother of all Mysteries that revealed a current of thought containing the very high Wisdom which strongly influenced the other different traditions of Antiquity. Among all the torches that brought about this awakening were Melchizedek, Osiris, and Hermes Trismegistus who were actually the first revealers of the truth inspired by the Word.

According to Marsilio Ficino, who considers Hermes as the first author of a theology, Orpheus would then be his successor among the ancient theologians, followed by Aglaophemus who was initiated into the sacred teaching of Orpheus and who transmitted this oral knowledge to Pythagoras.

Moses and the prophets, as well as the founders of other religions, thinkers, legislators, artists, and especially the Greek philosophers, played an essential role in the propagation of this Tradition by adapting it and never denying it, in order to address the evolution of humanity. In addition, the Oral Teaching was preserved and passed on from Master to disciple for centuries.

Today our Masters have come in order to lift the veil on the hermeticism of the past by creating an admirable synthesis of the different traditions so that these teachings are accessible to all those who seek the source of Truth in these times when our societies are experiencing such great changes.

This new Tradition, which contains the whole lineage resulting from the great Greek thinkers such as Orpheus and Pythagoras, our Masters call the Eonian Tradition. It complements the work that has already been done so that it will shine forth for future ages.

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