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Present in France since the beginning of the 20th century, independent of any other Order or initiatic organization, church, political party or philosophical association, the Order of the Lily and the Eagle is an initiatic movement that leads to self-knowledge.


The Order of the Lily and the Eagle is a traditional philosophical, initiatic movement. Non-religious and apolitical, it is open to both men and women, regardless of race, nationality, social class or religion.  The Order provides initiatic education coming from the original Pythagorean and Orphic Tradition.


The path to self-knowledge


Our teaching contributes to the spiritual awakening of man through the effort of his own will, guided in his search to elevate himself, evolve, and manifest his own fraternal personality in society. Our approach in the Initiatic Tradition is based on a progressive teaching which aims to reach a better understanding of cosmic laws and the reason for our presence on earth.  This teaching has as a goal to perfect the free and unique personality of each one, and to put into practice a universal charity in dealing with material, psychic and mental life.


The Order of the Lily and Eagle thus meets the needs of those seeking to work towards self-knowledge to perfect themselves, and in doing so, reflect positively in the community.

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