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The Order of the Lily and the Eagle through its teachings, reveals to man that he is spiritually free and that he can also become psychologically free by the intervention of his own will. The Order works to make man free, physically, materially and socially.

Placing the freedom of the individual above all other principles, the Order strives to deliver a non-dogmatic teaching.

Therefore, the Order does not give rules. It gives keys, and it gives them generously, so that applicants, through their own reflection, can develop their own doctrine.

This is why Marie Routchine's teaching is communicated in the form of theorems, which the initiate by his personal reasoning must demonstrate and prove for himself or herself.

This is the philosophy of the Order, which is not just to transmit knowledge in an academic, scholarly manner, but to initiate by inspiring the pupil's inner awakening by means of his own, personal work.

The first part of the teaching that the initiate follows upon entering the Order is based on Marie Routchine's written meditations aimed at forming the individual's personality and working towards its development. These teachings, consisting of 45 theorems, are divided into three distinct parts:


  • ·        In the first part, the initiate learns the different means and sources by which he can manifest his personality and free it from the various         obstacles created by a lack of proper education or a mode of mental and moral enslavement due to the influence of the principle of conformity.

  • ·        In the second part, the initiate learns through a theoretical teaching.  This is followed by a practical teaching to strengthen and affirm his personality by regaining possession of his own latent strengths and powers.  From then on, his own sovereign will participates in all the actions of the initiate and becomes an infallible guide.

  • ·        When completed, the first two stages permit the initiate to go forward to approach the exposition of Marie Routchine's theosophical and philosophical theorems in order to further his education in the Order.

  • ·        The initiate can finally complete his development by illuminating his faith that has become alive through practical applications.



The Order of the Lily and the Eagle is a work of Truth and of synthesis. All the teaching is contained there to give the keys to the Regular Tradition. The Order, in referring to its source, goes back to the Orphic and Pythagorean traditions.  The Order can instruct the man or woman who shows aptitude and who is inclined towards the sciences called metaphysical and spiritual.

Marie Routchine

was the custodian of the Eonian Tradition, which she formulated for use in the modern era.

Demetrius Plato Semelas

was the head of the Brothers of the East, this centuries-old Tradition in the sanctuary of Truth. Its doctrine aspires to make the individual a fully developed being, conscious of the laws of creation.

The Order of the Lily and Eagle gives the teaching of both of these two Traditions, because the Order unites these two works of Love and of Wisdom. Symbolically, the Eagle represents the Wisdom that the initiate must develop in himself through his personal work;  the Lilies represent the Love that all initiates undertake to spread within the collectivity.

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